Today’s episode begins with Devika and Kavya. And she looks out of the rest room and hugs him. And the whole family is celebrating with great dancing and Kavya Anupama and Manraj who were dancing together and Pari is recording everything in video recording. Next we see that Nandini sees Paritosh and she is thinking that she cannot tell Samar the truth. But no one can stop him from telling that gratification

He is very upset about this issue. She then goes to him and tells him that I want to tell you one thing and takes him out of there. She then says that she does not understand where to start and she says that I believe that I want to talk about summer itself. Then she says that we should not take the antics of summer so seriously. I am not talking about Summer, not about anyone else who is confusing her again and again. She says go after listening to me.

She then says that it has become very difficult for her to believe in him again and in fact even earlier she had not believed it when someone told her. But now that she has seen him and not even Kavya, she has done the same government and she wants to tell this thing to Anupama but she does not have the courage. Then he asks her to come to the issue and says that you talk about the issue.

Then he says that Manraj and Kavya are just friends, don’t make any more sense to them and how can you think of them like that. Then she says that I am telling all this truth but he scolds her and says that stop your bullshit and say such things again, I will not be offended. She then stops when she comes to know that Vanraj is going to marry Kavya a few days later. And then she says that she had to stop him because he is playing with Anupama’s feelings and betrays her so big We have been telling the truth to Anupama as well.

Anupama 15 October 2020 Written Update

After that Kinjal looks around and notices that Parish disappears from there and she asks Samar about Parish. Nandini then says that if she cannot believe him then she is ready to show him a receipt. Summer then sees the two of them getting together and he thinks where are these people going now. Next we see that when there is talk about Manraj’s choice, Dali says that Manraj’s choice is absolutely correct. Because it is a heart shaped designing that looks very beautiful and Pakhi says that it is also very romantic. Mr. Leela says that now I will marry Anupama in Wonder today, not wearing it myself. Then Anupama thanks Manraj.

After that Kavya feels that Anupama already had the right to be Manraj’s wife and her happiness was just this fictional series. But Anupama has taken away that too from him. Paritosh then sees the registration of Manraj and Kavya’s wedding and is shocked and Kavya wonders why Nadi was not attending her call and was about to go out but Anupama took a picture with her at the same time Because of which she is left there. If not, then she reaches home and lies to Kavya that she went to the temple. And then Kinjal asks Paritosh why you look so upset and where he was.

Paritosh to Sanjay ..