In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that it is a Diwali day in the house and everyone is very happy, then Anupama does it everyday in the house that today I want to say that this box contains Babuji’s medicines and I am in this Dabba temple When keeping close, everyone is shocked to hear this,

when Manraj says that you stop your passion of learning this dance class and car and take care of Babuji, then Anupama says that I will take care of Babuji but for some reason If anything happens to me, then everyone should know at what time and how to give these medicines,

Babuji’s attention should not be delayed for even 1 minute, then everyone agrees and Anupama says I put a slip in which medicine You will see when and how to give it and I am keeping this box near the temple. After some time another message comes and gets 5 children and names written in it and they are very happy after some time. Stop this drama, otherwise you will see this girl celebrating her son outside.

Now she says nothing, after some time she goes to the kitchen and there He brings it and he tells him that you stop doing this yourself or else you will see your son Samar celebrating on the streets this Diwali, then Anupama says that you are very worried about your father and that’s why you are doing all this Thinking about taking out his grandson because it will improve his health,

you have to take revenge from me, but why are you doing this messing with Babuji’s life, then Anupama starts going from there and goes on saying that And this house belongs to Babuji, it is not yours, due to the number plate on your gate, this house will not be yours and that number plate keeps falling through Delhi repeatedly and today it will be your time and Vanraj gets very angry.

Anupama leaves from there. After some time you see that someone in the house announces that Babuji is going to give the gift of Diwali to everyone, then you see that Babuji starts giving Diwali gift to all the members of the house when Vanraj’s When it comes turn, then he comes, then Anupama’s mother-in-law starts giving him money, then her babu ji says that this time we will not give them money.

I have made a special for these people today, then he says that I will never end this life and on the go, we should go through our duty only then I remain there and he says that you promise Do not make any quarrel with my decision, then I say that if I do not, then you do it in the name of the house. Hearing this, tears start coming from my eyes and I get very angry when you see that mother Babuji says that I do not want everything, if you have called me daughter, then there is no need for all this and she says that it belongs to the elders and you will remain to the elders only when she says her father-in-law, I ask this.

I am not saying this, so this house will remain in the name of both of you, only then the ceremony takes a page and puts Anupama’s name on the door and then tells Babuji that such two will be named here. Babu ji says that yes exactly the same way you see that after some time Vanraj goes into his room in anger from there, only then Anupama also goes after him when Anupama U When she goes to the room, she is very angry at him and tells him that you will be very happy to grab half my house and I start listening to him a lot, then Anupama says that I never wanted to take this house and Nor will I ever come to rob this house and she says that the house is made up of family,

it is made of trust, it is not made of occupation and she pauses on papers Today’s episode ends here In Monday’s episode you will be shown that when Diwali festival takes place at home,

Anupama is getting ready and she says that sometimes she should dress for herself as well. On the other side you see that Vanraj goes to Kavya’s house. And works or feeds her, then Kavya says that you no longer have any relationship with Anupama, so you should give her the divorces, then Vanraj gets very angry on hearing this and he says that whenever I come here I am sitting here only for marriage and divorces,

I come here because I think that there will be some peace by coming here but we keep sitting here with all this and he leaves it saying It is better that I am never here and he leaves from there, then Kavya also gets very angry and she starts crying and closes the door angrily. At this time you will get all this on Monday’s episode. Will be shown in