Anu breaks string and goes into flashback where Vanraj arguing her not to accept separate in the present circumstance as its hard for her to disappear from family and even he can’t oversee family without her; in the event that she goes to her mom’s home with her ailment, her mom and sibling will think they kept her till she was working and sent her to them when she became sick; she dealt with family for quite a long time and now its their turn. Anu additionally cries noisily embracing him.

Put of flashback, Baa asks Anu which guarantee maide ki katori Kavya is discussing. Vanraj says that he and Anu chose the previous evening that they won’t take separate until further notice. Family gets cheerful hearing that. Kavya inquires as to whether V is talking truth. Anu requests that she quiet down and reveals to Vanraj that last night Vanraj talked and she just tuned in, her quietness didn’t mean yes;

she broke Kavya’s string as her guarantee will be fulfiled today. Vanraj stands stunned hearing that while Kavya gets cheerful. Anu and Vanraj sign legal documents. Anu at that point returns her mangalsutra to Vanraj saying until there was a relationship, it had a worth and now its an ordinary string.