Kavya fumes in anger seeing Vanraj accepting Anupama’s concept of starting a restaurant in her dance academy and yells that V will eat poison so long as its Anupama’s concept, she can not apprehend why own circle of relatives blindly aid Anu’s thoughts and get excited as though monkeys noticed bananas. She thinks she has to search for a task as she can not believe on V’s cafe concept, she has to get a task for economic safety and can not take a seat down like a loser. Anu walks to Samar’s room and sees him angrily throwing a dart on board. She asks him to chill out and concentrate to her. He says he’s going to now no longer as she took a incorrect decision, she is so properly that she gave Mr Shah a permission to open cafeteria in her dance academy, dance academy is her dream and prayers. She asks him to concentrate to her once. He says he can not neglect about Mr

Shah insulting her again and again and what he thinks approximately dance. Anu reminisces Vanraj brutally humiliating her and kicking her out of residence, breaking her ghungroo, calling Samar as nachaniya/reasonably-priced dancer, etc. He says Mr Shah can himself discover a answer for his problems, she ought to prevent considering Mr Shah and Kavya as they don’t deserve her goodness.
At office, Toshu informs Rakhi that he spoke to complete workforce and the whole thing is beneathneath control. Rakhi says she is happy with her and isn’t the same as her ultimate crew as he thinks approximately destiny in business, its excessive time he thinks approximately private existence also. He says he opened FDs. She asks why his own circle of relatives thinks handiest approximately FDs, coverage policies, etc., like a center elegance; he has to extrade his mind-set and cope with to get out of center elegance tag; he and Kinjal married currently and ought to extrade their residence as opposed to dwelling with prolonged own circle of relatives, even Anu is of the same opinion to her point. He has already idea approximately it, there may be a nostalgia amongst human beings concerning joint own circle of relatives, however handiest a younger couple can apprehend how it’s far to live in joint own circle of relatives.

Baa tells Bapuji that she feels terrible for maide ki katori Kavya as a spouse doesn’t need to percentage her husband with every person else, however she has each saas/MIL and sautan on this residence and is nerve-racking due to this; she lied on her lap and cried. Bapuji is amazed to listen that. Anu says Kavya is boastful and were given indignant listening to Anu’s concept. Bapuji says its due to the fact its Anu’s concept. Baa what can they do while god needs them to develop through Anupama and hopes Vanraj’s cafe concept will become successful. Bapuji asks if Kavya sincerely cried mendacity on her lap.

Toshu tells Rakhi he’s uninterested in own circle of relatives’s day by day drama and doesn’t have privacy. Rakhi says if he remains alone, he could have higher area and while he grows in business, he can invite his pals domestic and therefore ought to talk to Kinjal concerning this. He says he’s going to. Rakhi thinks a quality bahu withinside the joint own circle of relatives is the only who doesn’t live in joint own circle of relatives; she needs Kinjal to be an amazing bahu who visits her husband’s own circle of relatives two times in a yr and observe her courting from a distance; there is lots of leisure in Shah House, however she can not smash her daughter’s existence for that. She calls her aide and orders to get the pent residence equipped for Toshu and Kinjal.

Vanraj is busy making plans his cafeteria price range while Bapuji gives to assist him. Vanraj asks him to calculate the exposes. Bapuji sends Pakhi to convey tea for them. Vanraj asks if Samar stated some thing as he didn’t appear satisfied with cafeteria concept as he opened a dance academy for his mom with a lot difficulty, he’s going to now no longer open cafeteria if Samar doesn’t need to. Bapuji asks him now no longer to fear approximately Samar as Anu will take care of him. Samar angrily and aggressively dances in dance academy on Aaj Koi Dua Karo Mere Liye.. song. Nandini asks what is inaccurate with him, there may be not anything incorrect if uncle opens cafeteria in dance academy. Anu walks in carrying Vanraj’s masks and says she is his papa now. Anu asks if he needs her to turn out to be like Vanraj and do some thing incorrect Vanraj did with her. Vanraj says she will by no means be like Mr Shah. She asks then why he’s preventing her. He says assisting Mr Shah is inaccurate as he’s a incorrect man. she says Vanraj’s scenario is terrible and he has greater proper in this manufacturing facility as this manufacturing facility belongs to Bapuji; combating is terrible whether or not its at domestic, road, or on border, its greater worse at domestic than border as human beings get harm at domestic. Vanraj says it’d be tough for her. She says they’ll manage.

Baa consoles crying Kavya and asks now no longer to fear approximately Vanraj’s cafeteria concept or approximately Anu as she can be able to now no longer clutch again Vanraj, etc. Kavya says her arms burnt at the same time as tonging her hair. Baa says she idea she became unhappy and therefore she got here to console her, however she is busy right here dressing her hair. Kavya asks if she need her to wander crying carrying a white sari. Baa says she ordered tea for her and could have it with her. Kavya says Baa behaved like her mom yesterday, allow us to perform a little girly thing. Baa asks what’s it. Pakhi brings tea for Baa and is amazed to peer Baa equipped in heavy make-up like Kavya and mimicking Kavya that she doesn’t have any proper to appearance so beautiful. Pakhi clicks photographs and rushes to reveal them to Bapuji. Baa hurriedly asks Kavya to get rid of her make-up. Kavya does. Baa receives silent. Kavya asks if desires to taunt her. Baa shows her to prevent insulting her husband and prevent him from pursuing his dream and as an alternative aid him if she desires to win her husband’s heart. She says she doesn’t like her, however they have got Vanraj in not unusualplace and that they need Vanraj’s happiness. Kavya smiles and messages all of the quality to Vanraj. Vanraj replies provide him three months and if he fails, then he’s going to do some thing she orders him. She is of the same opinion. He receives satisfied. Pakhi suggests Baa’s percent and says Kavya were given Baa equipped. Vanraj says she is asking pretty. Pakhi is going to reveal the percent to Bapuji. Vanraj thank you Kavya for being high-quality with Baa. Kavya replies she became high-quality to her too. Read More…..