Anupama 14 February 2021 Written Update


Anu expresses gratitude toward him. He says he ought to express gratitude toward her that they are fortunate to have a dedicated, bold, and genuine instructor educates in their school and they are truly pleased with her.

He applauds followed by understudies and head. Envious Vanraj vulnerably applauds with scowling face. Chief says she can take rest and return once she recovers totally. Anu expresses gratitude toward him again and afterward understudies. Understudies ask her not to express gratitude toward them as they are alive in light of her. Chief apologizes and expresses gratitude toward Anu for filling fortitude in her to battle against wrong.


She leaves school while understudies applaud her and correspondents click her recordings and pics. Pakhi stands observing quietly. Anu grins at her and feels pleased with herself. Khud hello there to hain murmur kinare… tune… plays out of sight. Read More…..


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