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The present scene begins with Leela asking Anupama on the off chance that she needs to work. Anupama says yes. She says she needs to procure for her family. She says to Leela, she just said they need to bring in cash. She overlap hand before Leela. There, Devika demands her sister to give Anupama one more opportunity. She sends her the message. Here, Rakhi sees the ring and says she knows Anupama and her family will again attempt to move toward her. She says Vanraj will yell at their home and she will appreciate. Rakhi says she is sitting tight for the afternoon. Ahead, Nandini asks Samar for what reason he is upset. Samar shares with Nandini that first he is searching for a work. Furthermore, he stresses for Paritosh. Nandini says to Samar she has just discussed her work. Besides, Nandini asks Samar to battle and chat with Paritosh yet don’t disregard him.

Opposite side, Kavya says to Vanraj that she requested Thai food. Vanraj asks Kavya to make rice daal. Kavya says she is worn out to working at office. Vanraj gets vexed.

Kavya figures Vanraj may be reasoning Anupama would have arranged for him. She prepares to get ready ‘Khichadi’ for Vanraj. Vanraj offers back embrace to Kavya. Anirudh goes into the house. Vanraj and Kavya stands dazed seeing Anirudh.

Here, Paritosh blows up at Anupama and charge Vanraj for his detachment with Kinjal. Samar approaches Paritosh not to censure Anupama for what all occurred. Samar contends with Paritosh. Anupama asks the two of them not to contend. Samar asks Anupama to proceed to converse with Rakhi as Vanraj will wreck the things more. Anupama says being Parents the two of them need to deal with Paritosh’s issue.

There,  Vanrja asks Kavya to toss Anirudh out from the house. Anirudh says at whatever point he is in Ahemdabad, he remains back at his home as it were. Vanraj says the house has a place with Kavya. Anirudh says he isn’t right, the house has a place with him. He gives an earful to Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj leaves Kavya’s home denouncing her for all the wreck. Kavya figures Vanraj can’t return to Anupama. She attempts to stop him however Vanraj leaves. Kavya blows up at Anirudh.

Afterward, Vanraj returns to his home. Leela welcome him. Anupama offers food to him. Vanraj advises to the family that he is here for Paritosh. He stays away from kavya’s call. Kavya blows up at Anirudh for coming in the middle of her and Vanraj. Anirudh controls Kavya against Vanraj. He wagers on Vanraj and says he returned to Anupama. Kavya stands paralyzed. Vanraj acknowledges worth being at home. (Scene Ends)

Precap: Paritosh and Kinjal escapes from the house.

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Air Date: 14 December 2020

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