The present scene begins with Vanraj’s uncle bringing popcorn for Hasmuk. Hasmuk asks Bailu for what good reason he brought popcorn. Bailu says to have popcorn since show isn’t having at their home these days. Hasmuk reviews as of late, Leela had a battle with Sarla. Kavya marks her entrance at the house. She uncovers to Hasmuk and Bailu that Pakhi isn’t at home. Hasumk gets strained for Pakhi.

There, Pakhi appreciates at Kabir’s gathering. Hasmuk and Bailu sneak into Pakhi’s room and gets stunned discovering her no place. Kavya advises to Hasmuk that Pakhi went to Kabir’s gathering and deceived him. Hasmuk attempts to call Pakhi. Pakhi doesn’t get Hasmuk’s call. In the mean time, Kabir’s other companion spill drink on Pakhi’s companion dress. He apologize to her. Kabir’s companion takes the young lady with him to the washroom. Pakhi is left alone with Kabir.

Opposite side, Nandini asks Samar for what reason he carried her to the sanctuary. She adds inspite knowing her miserable past, he needs to take a promise with her? Samar makes Nandini dream their wedding. He further chooses to take 7 promises with her. Here, Hasmuk attempts to call Pakhi. Kavya says to Hasmuk that Pakhi may be getting a charge out of gathering. Hasmuk calls Kinjal and enquires about Kabir. Kinjal says to Hasmuk, she doesn’t think about Kabir yet will attempt to discover about him from Pakhi’s other companion.

In the mean time, Kavya thinks Hasmuk is occupied in view of Pakhi. She chooses to go to Vanraj’s space to get separate from letter. Vanraj’s uncle impedes Kavya’s direction. He requests that she take off from the house. Subsequently, Samar pledges to Nandini to consistently uphold her. Here, Kabir makes Pakhi awkward. Pakhi gets angered with Kabir.

Hasmuk imparts a discussion to Vanraj’s uncle and stresses for Pakhi. He laments and says why Pakhi doesn’t took authorization from him. Hasmuk wants for Pakhi’s wellbeing. Vanraj’s uncle asks Hasmuk not to stress.

Afterward, Kabir attempts to kiss Pakhi. Pakhi slaps Kabir for acting mischievously with her. She adds Anupama instructed her to consistently retaliate some unacceptable. Pakhi requests that Kabir apologize to her before she yells and accumulate society. Kabir apologize to Pakhi.

Then, Kavya again attempts to sneak inside Shah’s home once more. Vanraj’s uncle stops Kavya once more. Kavya says to Hasmuk that she is here to light before God.

Besides, Samar pledges to cherish Nandini for eternity. Nandini gets stricken with Samar. Afterward, Pakhi returns home. Hasmuk imparts a discussion to Pakhi. Pakhi apologize to Hasmuk for lying him and getting away from the house. Hasmuk says to Pakhi she understood her slip-up and demonstrated she is Anupama’s little girl. Pakhi asks Hasmuk is he isn’t irate with her. Hasmuk says no. He further requests that Pakhi change and make cold espresso with him. He adds he will inform to Anupama clearly regarding her deed. Read more……