Today’s episode begins offevolved Anupama taking walks at the road. She bumps into Anuj. Anuj suppose via way of means of now Anupama would possibly have learnt approximately his love confession. He suppose Vanraj and Paritosh could have disclosed. Anuj in addition suppose Anupama is asking ordinary and suppose these days he’s going to spoil latters trust. He determine to confront Anupama.

There, Hasmuk returns and Leela want him ‘ShubhLabh’. Hasmuk says Shubh is 1/2 of however Labh is completed. He warns her that with out Shubh- Labh is incomplete. Leela seems at Hasmuk. On the alternative hand, Anupama asks Anuj if he loves her. Anuj says that he in no way desired her to locate out. He apologized to Anupama for messing up her lifestyles more. Anuj provides he realize his motion doesn’t want to be excused and urge Anupama to overlook what all came about. Anupama says he disguise his feeling from beyond 26 years and now he needs her to overlook the confession inside 26 Hours. Anuj stands shocked.

Elsewhere, Hasmuk asks Samar if something came about in his absence as every person is keeping off Anupama’s talk. He says Vanraj left the residence too at the pageant day. Samar approximately to inform however Paritosh stops him. Samar avoids the talk. He confront Partiosh the motive at the back of preventing him from telling approximately Anupama and Anuj. Samar asks Partiosh if he fear, Hasmuk will bless Anupama and Anuj.