In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that when Anupama comes back home after driving, everyone is happy to praise her, then she thanks Kinjal with folded hands and she says that you want me to be your Guru Ji A copy has to be made, then she says that you too have to make tea for me, then all of them go inside and see that all the people are preparing for Diwali, Anupama’s mother-in-law daughter and son are all preparing for Diwali.

We are engaged after some time, now we see that when Jabandani goes to her house, she is decorating her house for Kotwali, only then summer goes there, Nandini is applying light, then that light is stuck in each other and I am getting very upset

when Samar comes there and she looks at Nandini and says to Abhinandan that you have not sat there and can not help me, then Samar starts helping her when she tells him that Nandni Today she is very much reminded of her mother, she used to feed us by making good sweets on the day of Diwali and she also used to make rangoli very well.

On hearing her words, she says that no one can take your mother’s place but this time Diwali you can celebrate with my mother and she is very happy to hear that even then Vanraj does not say between Uncle and Aunty In the midst of what is going on, how will the festival of Diwali be so,

Anupama 14th November 2020 written update

Summer says that I do not know how this necklace will be, so let’s see Anupama in the house that she has to do whatever she wants to do Pakhi says that only this time why the father is not telling us our Diwali preparations, our hand only then says with him that everything that your mother is doing she tells Anupama a lot,

then there is summer and Tells her mother, why don’t you tell everything to my mother truthfully, then Anupama says that if I told all this truthfully, then you know Babuji’s condition, I am anyone with his condition If I can not compromise and tell Babuji then it is true that there will be arrows in her chest and she will start doubting her upbringing, only then

she says that you are my weakness Understood then I can not tell the truth in my compulsion, a message comes on Samar’s phone that 5 of the children who had put on the dance by his mother are ready to learn the dance, he becomes very happy and tells his mother Is and tells the housemates too,

when he comes there today, Pakhi tells her father that the mother’s dance class is about to start, when the angry person starts talking to Anupama, then he tells her that this dance If you did this dance, my son Samar will not stay in this house, if only one of you will be able to stay in this house, and listening to this,

Anupama is tense and now Manraj starts thinking in his mind that I know That this is the mother who can even die for her children and what is the matter of dance classes, she has a full day that Anupama will refuse to dance classes only, then you see that when the day comes, then at home The festival of Diwali starts, then Samar imposes from outside that Babu ji has come, then you see that when Babuji is taken off the car,

all the family members welcome him very much They do it in a good way, they welcome them with flowers, when I stand at the gate and I perform their aarti, then I do that there is no need to thank you for furthering my life that Babuji goes in.

After some time when the seller of the pot comes to the house, the mother says that I have called today, it is money day, so it is good to take the pot, then you take water for Babuji, after some time, it is a festival of Diwali, so we Let us tell you that when the marriage auspiciousness of Kinjal is taken out, she is happy to say that if not today we will talk to those people tomorrow,

then she kills them that we will do it tomorrow or else Rajesh It was annoying to hear and he thinks in his heart that I will take away the pride of Anupama who has come out on it, I will take it out in his Muhurta to cut it, Sir, today’s episode ends