Anupama 13 October 2020 Written Update

Next we will see that Leela is used to Anupama for her negligence. Then Jayesh I defend Anupama and say that Shukla is not so strong. Leela then says that she was still handling her secret series for many years. And he says that it has not been a normal day and wedding preparations are also going on in the house. Vanraj says that Leela you will not talk about good and bad omen anymore. That is why you say that with so much difficulties she has celebrated Anupama and she is starting the same things again because without her influence or defeat the chain of marriage was broken.

Then he says that he should never blame Anupama. Shiva Leela speaks about why she is working towards gratification these days and is taking the blame of saving Anupama only on her head. Leela says what she did and she says that all this is the result of your fault. Manraj then explains to Anupama that Leela should not put her words on what she said but Anupama says that whatever she is saying is absolutely right which makes her angry but I control myself and she He tells everyone to start all over again and he manages the issue of this fictional series.

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Samar then becomes the host for the turmeric ceremony and also invites Manraj, then we see that Paritosh invites Manraj to the stage there and on the other hand Samar asks Anupama to bring her to the stage then Devika, Nandani Also brings Anupama to the stage. And when Vanraj sees Devika, Ka there, she misses that warning. Anupama then meets Devika Kodoli. Kinjal Nandini stands like both brides. And Nandini says that I will always be on Anupama’s side. And then when Paritosh left Kinjal, he said that the bride who wanted to experience being on the side is why I have come here and then Kavya also says that she is from the bride side, after all she is Anupama’s friend.

Leela says that Kala can live in whatever she wants, but she should not have messed with anything at all, then where did she sleep, when should she have a big ceremony then why should she spoil it and the performance of turmeric ceremony Nandini Kinjal and Pakhi Starts with. Kara starts putting the wedding on him but at the same time Nandini stops him and drags him to dance with her. Devika then now asks Anupama whether you are really happy or doing such a drama, then Anupama says that she invited him to clear her doubts but she still has doubts then Dev says that Not that he has any kind of doubt. Next we see that Paritosh applies turmeric to Vanraj.

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Then we see that Kinjal starts applying turmeric to Anupama, Anupama tells her that she will soon add Eddie on him and then smiles a lot Nandini applies turmeric on Anupama and thinks that she does not want to let him silence her. She is silent, Samar takes her photos on mobile, then Kavya starts applying turmeric on Anupama and at the same time sees Vanraj’s name on her hand and goes to the square. And further we see ……