Anupama 13 March 2021 Written Update


Opposite side, Samar meet Nandini. Nandini asks Samar what he is doing here. Samar says he needed to see her without make-up. Both giggle. Samar request that Nandini prepare and join him for the Puja. Nandini will not go along. Samar demands him.

Ahead, Kavya going to sit adjacent to Vanraj for the Pooja. Leela stops her and says in this Puja no one but gentlemen can participate. She ask Hasmuk, Paritosh and Samar to sit in the puja. Rakhi hinders and says she needs to perform one custom. Anupama permits. Rakhi says every year she make a wish. She says this year she needs to make wish for kavya and Vanraj for their life.


Shah’s stands awkward. Vanraj gets incensed and asks one who can’t stand quiet can leave the spot as Pooja is going on here. Vanraj finishes Puja alongside Pariotsh and Samar. Afterward, Samar goes into the house alongside Nandini. Vanraj give irate look to both.Vanraj tosses Samar out from the house. Samar cites house has a place with Anupama. Read More…


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