Anupama 13 February 2021 Written Update


School chief acquaints Anupama and Vanraj with school administrator Mr. Arora and trustees Mr. Verma, Mr. Patel, and Mr. Gujral. They request Anu to sit in front from them and Vanraj and chief to sit aside. Pakhi peeps in and trusts Anu doesn’t ruin her life whether she is correct or wrong, she simply needs to concentrate in a similar school. Trustee asks how are her hands. Anu says they are fine at this point. Chief says this sort of mishap happened first time in their school and she should be realizing their school is Ahmedabad’s one of to appraised school. Anu says she knows, that is the reason she got her little girl Pakhi’s confirmation here. Trustee says she should be realizing then that they take most extreme consideration about understudies’ security. Anu gestures yes. Chief inquires as to whether she got another opportunity in this school on her

demand. Anu says yes. Chief inquires as to whether she knows during cooking class, they should take most extreme consideration, and still, at the end of the day she committed an error. Anu says she didn’t commit an error. Trustee inquires as to whether school committed an error or head who gave her work. Another trustee says that mishap happened due to Anu’s recklessness and she wasn’t focusing on her work or understudies, so she is the person who is mindful from their perspective. Anu says they are lying as they were absent there, not even head. Trustee says she can’t reject that mishap occurred during her group. Another inquires as to whether she has issues with her better half. Anu says yes. He says because of her private matters, she can’t focus on expert life. Anu says she gave more consideration towards school than home as she is a mother and loves understudies like her youngsters. Trustee says her adoration is exceptionally deadly. Chief inquires as to whether her adoration can leave her alone imprudent. Anu says school organization was indiscreet. Trustee says she can’t accuse school administrator for her misstep. Baa at home hollers that if bahu doesn’t alter her perspective, she will insult her more than she did in 25 years and Bapuji won’t meddle. Samar says that will not occur. Trustee reveals to Anu that in the event that she acknowledges her misstep, they will be leniant on her and allowed her keep on working or, more than likely they will make a solid move. Anu inquires as to whether they need her to acknowledge the misstep she didn’t do. Chief asks who committed the error at that point. She says her error was she got occupied with attempting to figure out understudies’ battle and didn’t focus towards gas oven for at some point. Chief says its demonstrated that she committed an error. Anu says she didn’t keep gas oven there however administrator did even after her demand to keep electric/enlistment oven or she won’t take a class. Trustee inquires as to whether she has any verification of that. Chief inquires as to whether she can demonstrate that. Anu says truth doesn’t have confirmation consistently, however this time it has. She gives CCTV film pen drive saying her child Samar got it from school tech some way or another, they will see there is no mark to set off fire or stop fire in school or any approach to get away from when mishap occurs. Trustee advises chief Anu is attempting to mistake him for proof show. Chief says he will choose in the wake of watching proof and puts pendrive in his PC. Anu says he can see she is denying administrator to begin class and requests that he reclaim gas oven.


Pakhi over telephone advises Baa that mummy father are still inside and she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on inside. Baa asks her not to stress as Vanraj will deal with the issue appropriately. Pakhi says mummy won’t allow him to talk and don’t have a clue why she needs to destroy her life. Anu tells chief that he can see both her and administrator’s missteps, the lone contrast is she is tolerating her mix-up and administrator are attempting to cover theirs. Trustee says without voice, she can’t demonstrate on which point she was discussing. Anu says they can see however. Trustee says who knows whether she is truly discussing gas oven. Chief reveals to Vanraj that she was halting Anu to conflict with administrator for a similar explanation as nobody will get her. Chief inquires as to whether she has some other verification. Anu says she just has her fact separated from this, head madam realizes that she tackles her job prudently and didn’t break a plate in class till now, she knows its significant for them to demonstrate her liable to save the school, yet no one turns out to be little in the event that they acknowledge their missteps and one who don’t will rehash their mix-ups. Vanraj exhaust mumbling she began her discourse once more. Trustee says it is anything but a way of thinking class. Anu asks when they have chosen to demonstrate her liable, for what reason did they make a dramatization of this gathering; they shouldn’t anticipate that her should twist before them; they can end her from work, however not her girl from school and on the off chance that they do that she will drag them to court and slander them till guardians quit sending their kids to this school; henceforth, they ought to rebuff her and dare not consider ending her little girl; with respect to marking admission papers, neither an instructor nor a mother will sign.


At home, Baa keeps shouting at Bapuji and Mamaji that they spoilt bahu by supporting her till now, however on the off chance that her granddaughter’s life is spoilt in view of her, she won’t stay silent. Understudies demand to get into meeting room. Chief asks what’s going on. Understudies powerfully enter and argue the board not to rebuff Anupama madam wrongly. Anu inquires as to for what reason did they come here. Understudies ask Anu instructed them to talk truth and not conceal it, why she is concealing truth. They portrays what occurred during class and solicitation to rebuff them rather than Anu. Chief inquires as to whether she needs to say something. Chief says they here and there fail to remember what they instruct, not tolerating botch is additionally a greatest mix-up, she hushes up due to pressure by the board. Trustees say Anu has controlled understudies.

Chief inquires as to whether she will sign papers or not. She says no. He says on the off chance that she doesn’t, how might she rejoin her work and let him make a move against school administrator, she needs to sign objection structure for that. Anu gets enthusiastic hearing that. Chief says he doesn’t have a clue how to apologize her for taking a chance with her everyday routine to save understudies’ experiences and remain against offenders to not allow the mishap to happen again in school. He guarantees that guilty parties will be rebuffed and he will ensure this sort of recklessness doesn’t occur in school.


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