Today’s episode of Anupama starts with Kavya C where she gets frustrated by Manraj’s stupidity and she knows for sure what she wants from her life and she wants to get it at any cost and all the limits They break up and decide to win because everything is justified in love and war
And he says that one should not think about the candidate who has been in their relationship. He decided to plan his marriage with Manraj to respond to the opposition.

And on the other hand Rakhi Shaadi wants to meet the family and get there and as much as it happens Rakhi and Manraj get into a fight. She tells him where he is very sorry for the past mistakes. Balraj shows the cloth day and forgives him completely and also praises him for always being kind and there on the other hand to listen to Rakhi taunt him. But I am silent. They want Anupama to break this pair on her own

And there on the district side he is thinking of humiliating the royal family. Vanraj does a very good fight with Rani and Anupama in front of the family. Anupama is very happy with this and praises him and there Asks and about this time she also taunts Manraj for never presenting you as a family and she also asks him about the actions I thought what else is she trying to do On the other hand, it is true that Kavya is also a part of our family

Shows her daughter and she wants Chamoli to be at the Five Star Club. She asks the family to bear the expenses. Wonder gets very worried today because she may have to make a plan. Paritosh wants Vanraj Rakhi agrees with the incident and does not want to lose brother Kinjal and Rakhi makes sure that Anupama keeps realizing the condition of her family and changes her path to make Kinjal her daughter-in-law. The demand for a very expensive ring is presented to him and then Anupama gets tense and attacks Rakesh’s weakness. This is where the episode ends.