Anupama 12 October 2020 Written Update

Next we see that Anupama has seen Manraj’s name in Kavya’s hands and this is the beginning of the episode. And Rakhi said in a funny way that she has attended mehendi ceremonies a lot but I have never seen such a ceremony. And then in other words, Anupama asks Kavya why you have written Manraj’s name with mehndi on your hand, tell me the reason for it. And Kavya replies that it is not my fault that this mehndi girl has mistakenly written Manraj’s name on my hand. Sleep does not say that it is not a small mistake, it is a big mistake.

Then Anupama says that even though it is a mistake, it should never have happened because Vanraj’s name should be written only in my name because I am his wife. Leela then tells Kavya that she will erase Manraj’s name written on his hand to prevent any further mess. It will be good for everyone. After that, the henna on Kavya’s hand was cleaned and he began to apologize intentionally, Kavya started looking at his deteriorated mehndi. Then sleep does not say that she has no need to apologize because she has done a right thing then Anupama asks Kavya to bring Samar there.

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After that Samar comes there and he changed the whole atmosphere and he said that enjoy it, be sad and give a performance to entertain everyone. The night after that she apologizes to him and says that it is so good that she saw his hand then Nandini tells Kavya that she is a sign that she is doing absolutely wrong and nature is warning her and please take her hand But the deteriorating Mehndi is very upset and stares at Anupama from afar. Anupama comes to know that Vanraj is a headache today, so she goes to make tea for him.

Then we see further that they get into a fight over something and Kavya shouts loudly at Leela. Kavya defends that it was an accident. I did not do it intentionally. Destroyed the happiness. Then Manraj tells Anupama that he is not doing this for the first time, later Manraj persuades Anupama that she has become like before. The next day Manraj Hai says that even though it is a very big day for her, it does not mean that I have to be embarrassed for anything, after that Anupama says that Pakhi was going on that they should get a new couple Like to go to go to Goa, that is why it was burning. Read More….