In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that when Anupama tells Kinjal that she wants to learn the car, then Kinjal says how suddenly it all came to your mind, Anupama says that I have come to know now that the need is sudden And I do not know what needs to be done and we should be ready for that first,

only then Kinjal says that I will definitely learn to drive you. When she talks about this at home, Bana Raj tells Anupama that Babuji’s condition It is bad and you are thinking about learning a car, then he says that I said that you do not learn a car, do not learn, you can only do kitchen work,

it is not your job to learn this car only then its breath too She starts saying that you do not learn the car, then she says Anupama that I am doing all this for Babuji,

if you get it wrong, then you stop me, then Anupama goes out and tells Kinjal that she drives her Teach it all to be shown in tomorrow’s episode