Anupama 11 September 2020 Written Update

Anupama 11 September 2020:- Anupama will be shown in today’s stage that Anupama gets a further shock and Vanraj says that it doesn’t matter to him. What others think of him, Vanraj says that I am glad that you trusted me so much. It is said to Anupama that if you depend on me, then you should not ask me any question.

He talks about Anirudh about how he is causing considerable damage to Kavya’s character and how Vanraj is also cutting its seeds as I work with him. Thanking Anupama for trusting her, Paritosh and Kinjal fall in love with each other.

Similarly you see that on the other side Kavya is awakening Anirudh Kesar and asks her to divorce him and says go away from my life quietly gone.

On the other side you see that Leela Jayesh is waiting and is happy to see that I give her a rose when she asks what he has brought for her. Similarly, Anupama and Vanraj to meet Leela’s brother Jayesh. Jayesh is taking blessings,

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Vanraj informs Anupama that she is not going to the office because Jayesh had come today and also discussed about Pradosh’s engagement to them. They tell Anupama that you do not cook today, we will be cooking from outside today Manraj too agrees to this. Anupama asks her to come in front of her family. Her family offers her a rakhi too. . Hai, Vanraj says that he has finished everything. Wait in your room until Rakhi stops her and apologizes.

Kinjal then says that it will accept Jangraj Rakhi’s apology and tells his father that he will come there. His father said that Rakhi wants to give a mind system widget.
Rakhi then tells Kathani about the engagement and then serves the Kinjal family and Leela praises Rakhi for upbringing, then sees Vanraj by Masi and reveals that she still has no al and movement. is. The nearest advancement is tried with. She says that there can be no part of you and it should never be right if no one can get married.

Hari’s Rakhi gets very spoiled by this practice and asks about Vyas and then I tell that it is only part of his family Iraqi says that Jagraj is with his friends and he is also part of supporters here . The week is over