Baa says Pakhi ventured out from home in view of her hardheadedness and now her life will be destroyed, so Anu ought to acknowledge this offer and end this issue; she is telling this as a mother and not MIL; requests that Vanraj clarify her.

Vanraj says what would he be able to say when Anu takes her choices herself. Chief discloses to Anu that her saas is correct, she gave her work overlooking her past, presently she should help her.

Anu thinks back fire accident.Vanraj demands Anu sign or put her thumb impact on her admission letter or, in all likelihood Pakhi will be removed from school. Pakhi frenzies and says her entire year will be destroyed.

Anu says she is doing this for her and other kids’ security. Pakhi powerfully gets her thumb impression asking how might she be so childish. Read More…..