In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when the doctor says that your babuji will have to undergo surgery or give medicines, but when given medicines, it can happen that the condition may worsen and after the second option operation. Due to their age, there can be any problem in the operation, so if you want to get the operation done, then you have to sign on a phone for this,

then you see that the doctor signs Anupama on that form when Anupama comes out and the noise She tells Samar that she has signed for the operation, then you say how you took such a big decision without Papa, if you would have waited for Papa’s arrival, then my mother would say that I decided to take Babuji’s life myself.

You can take it and your father is not here right now, I am only here, so I had to take the decision and I have taken the same decision, now let’s start the operation. On the other side, when the operation is going to be known, it is very She starts crying a lot and her daughter encourages her that nothing will happen to Babuji, so she says where is my son The daughter-in-law does not know anything,

she does not even know English, if there are noisy summer children, how will she take all this, then you see that all the people in the house are very upset, so after some time the operation is done And the doctor tells Anupama and her children that if they are conscious by tomorrow, then they are out of danger, if they do not come, then nothing can be said, so let’s see when the next day comes, when it arises So he looks at his phone,

He stops and says that when I put the charge, I forgot to turn on the phone. When he who calls, there is a lot of missed calls from the family members, then there is a bell at Kavya’s house gate. Everyone plays Kavya tells Vanraj to open the door. When Vanraj opens the door, he sees that Anupama is at the door only when Manraj says what is your problem. The husband did not come home for 1 day, you did not feel rested and you left here.

Then she says that I have come here to take Babuji’s son, not my husband, last night Babuji became very ill due to which he was taken to the hospital and there But he has an operation, then I get very upset to hear this and he says that how is Babuji’s condition now and he says that how did you take such a big decision, I have no understanding about you without understanding You have decided to go to the hospital dressed in a hurry,

now see that after some time when they reach the hospital, when they reach the hospital, they ask the culprit how is Babuji’s condition now, he says that till now He is not conscious and the doctor is checking, then again he starts listening to Anupama and tells her that if anything happened to Bapuji, you will be responsible only then the doctor comes there and he tells Vanraj that you Where was your father’s condition last night was very serious,

if Anupama ji had not signed up for the operation at the right time and would not have signed then your father’s condition would have become very serious. When he hears these things happening, he is silent So you give that after a while Anupama goes out and starts thinking that if she had to drive a car today, she would be facing such a problem. If you do not want to ask, then you see that Anupama thinks about learning the car.

She calls Kinjal, when Kinjal asks about Babuji, she says that Babuji is fine now and then Anupama says that you are my one. Will you work if you teach me to drive, then she says mother, I will definitely teach you to drive, this is how today’s episode ends.