Anu alarms seeing her swathed hands. Samar says they are somewhat singed, so they are dressed. she demands to eliminate them. Each of the 3 youngsters stop her. Vanraj requests that she unwind. She says she needs to deal with her home with her 2 hands and thinking back all her day by day tasks says she requires to cook for family, press Baa’s legs, offer meds to Bapuji, mesh Pakhi’s hair, spoil Samar, set up Kanhaji’s bhog/prasad and implore him, and so on Youngsters again request that she unwind. School head with instructors surges in and asks Anu how is she now. Anu says she is fine. Chief says she was out on a gathering and came when she found out about the mishap. Anu says she asked administrator sir to give her enlistment oven, yet he gave her gas oven. Chief expresses gratitude toward her for saving understudies, requests that she unwind at home till she recovers totally, and gets some information about the mishap to anybody and let her handle it. Anu asks whom not to say as everybody thinks about the fire mishap. Chief asks her again to return home and rest. Anu leaves disclosing to Samar she didn’t comprehend what chief implied. At home, Baa alarms stressed for Anu. Kinjal reassures her. Nandini inquires as to whether something had happened to Anu aunt. Kinjal says nothing occurred, why should they consider the big picture, her mummy is acceptable to such an extent that nothing incorrectly can happen to her. Anu gets back. Baa inquires as to whether she is fine and asks how did her hands consume. Anu portrays entire episode. Baa says when she was with understudies, she realizes nothing can happen to her, she didn’t realize that her bahu is daring. Mamaji jokes that Anu wouldn’t have gone through 25 years with Baa else. Bapuji says his little girl is daring and solid. Nandini acclaims her followed by Kinjal who says any other individual would have lost their brain in that circumstance, yet mummy took care of it truly well.

Bapuji says Anu is a mother and a mother can forfeit her life for youngsters. Pakhi says after the present occurrence, entire school is her fan now. Samar says everybody were commending her. Baa thanks god that her bahu got back securely. Anu asks how might she set up Kanhaji’s bhog. Baa says she will get ready it and thank god for saving Anu and understudies’ lives. Anu asks how might she accomplish all the work and attempts to eliminate swathe. Baa stops her and plays out her nazar saying hostile stares had stuck on her bahu. Anu cries inwardly. Baa requests that she rest now. Kinjal goes to plan tea for everybody. Bapuji sees Vanraj strained and inquires as to whether all is great.

Vanraj says Anupama doesn’t see common conduct appropriately, there was a mishap in school and someone will be accused. Bapuji inquires as to whether Anu will be accused at that point? Vanraj gestures yes. Vanraj gets chief’s call that she is coming to meet Anu at night. Baa discloses to Kinjal that she have come for something different without a doubt and not to keep an eye on Anu. At night chief meets Anu. Anu says she needed to meet her and clarify how the mishap occurred. Chief says she knows it all. Anu asks her to thoroughly rebuff administrator staff so they don’t hazard with kids’ lives once more. Samar says there were just 6 fire quenchers in a particularly huge school and many were not working.

Vanraj says even his girl concentrates in a similar school and he will consistently be stressed from hereon. Anu inquires as to whether fire dousers were truly not working. Samar gestures yes.

Anu says a house is arranged including little fastens as per a kid’s wellbeing, however 1000s of kids concentrate in school and subsequently there ought to be security gauges as needs be; she shouldn’t extra whoever committed an error. Chief says she realizes who committed an error and its Anupama Vanraj Shah. Family is stunned to hear that. Chief says its Anu’s mix-up and she needs to give it recorded as a hard copy.

Anu says she cautioned them to change the oven, yet they didn’t, how is her misstep in this. Chief says she is simply educating what trustees need to hear, whoever has committed an error, she needs to give it recorded as a hard copy that she is liable for the mishap and not school administrator. Anu says her solitary slip-up is she was unable to prevent kids from doing underhandedness, yet fire mishap is administrator’s misstep; she has numerous individuals in her home, and, after its all said and done her youngsters met with minor mishaps, Toshu had consumed her hand on light, Samar had tumbled from bed, and so.

kids hurt themselves on the off chance that they are given even a ringer; its school administrator’s error not to give enlistment oven all things being equal and keeping even the window shut, imagine a scenario where she was unable to break the window and send kids out; she committed a little error, however school administrator committed a major error. Chief says it is anything but an issue of little or serious mix-up, its about the arrangement of this issue; in the event that she acknowledges her error, she will guarantee that her work will be unblemished. Anu says she ought to be rebuffed and even school administrator.

Chief says once in a while they have swear off truth and powerlessly tune in to supervisor without addressing, she is simply following her obligation; if Anu acknowledges her error, she will allow her multi month paid leave till the issue quiets down or in the event that she opposes school, she won’t just lose her employment yet additionally her girl will be removed from school and its school organization’s choice and she can’t do anything.

Vanraj inquires as to whether she is making Anu a substitute to secure school’s standing and inquires as to whether this is her companion’s general who offered a little work and asking a particularly huge kindness as a trade off. Chief says there is no utilization of every one of these discussions; if Anu acknowledges her offer, she will twofold her compensation and cash is huge. Anu says her family esteems spirits than cash.

Baa says when chief is guaranteeing that she will not be hurt and will get twofold compensation with a month’s leave, she ought to concur and unwind at home as opposed to falling in lawful issues. Samar inquires as to for what reason should mummy acknowledge the misstep which she didn’t do. Baa inquires as to whether he needs his sister to be removed from school.

She discloses to Anu that family realizes that she is correct, yet what might be said about society; she broke her home because of her obstinacy and shouldn’t demolish her little girl’s life now, she is stressed more over others’ youngsters all things considered. Bapuji asks what is she saying.