Anupama 10 September 2020 Written Update

Anupama 10 September 2020 :- In the episode Anupama, you will be shown that Samar loses the race against Nandani and he refuses to believe that he has deliberately lost when he asks that he was going to the city center. What is Leslieganj doing?

Similarly, you will see that Nandni makes decisions but Summer catches it. Anirudh sees them and compares them to Vanraj and Karya, Samar asks him who you are.

Anirudh tells Samar that where is Nandni that you cannot be but Kavya was wrong. Similarly, Nandini makes fun of her. She says that she does not know the whole truth. She says that she does not know anything, so I tell her to go from there. Summer starts asking where she is doing Nandini. Says she has followed Kavya and told him that they are separating but I don’t understand why they are stopping each other

A similar brother says that she does not know what her husband wants to prove and where she goes apologizes to Anupama on her behalf. Leela says that it is a mistake of poetry, there is no fault of Anirudh in her husband. If you do not come here, Anupama says that it is not Kavya’s fault. Leela begins to say that it is poetry’s fault who let her family participate in the best.

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Kavya again apologizes to all the family Anupama says that there is no need for you to apologize, because they have not done anything wrong, Vanraj can never do anything wrong, he says that it is good that I am all Something has to be done inside the tax or else people have to bear the taunts, they say that after our husband is separated from our society, women are allowed to remain women but never understand the reason behind their decision. Anupama says that Vanraj will leave her.

Anupama Anupama says that whatever has happened today for poetry is very difficult to speak, but if she is unhappy, she cannot hesitate to come here.

Nandini says that Kavya is compelled to take up a career and does not accept a girl like society, she says that even her husband does not understand them why he is not marrying anyone.

Similarly, Leela says that Anupama should not have brought Kavya with her, it is said that Leela says that what she thinks about Anirudh has said,

Anupama says that her trust is not weak, she cannot break away from Anirudh Europe and I also knew that Manraj has never betrayed her and has not broken her trust but she will have to live like a loving husband. She asks to break if she did it then everything will end.