He says Pakhi will get enraged seeing Kavya at house. Anupama says they need to deal with the matter. In the mean time, Kavya yells and gets frightened. Anupama comfort Kavya. She ask samar to get back to Vanraj. Shah’s acclaim Anupama for dealing with Kavya as well.

Hasmukh says Anupama can’t see anybody’s pain.Vanraj returned and as Shah’s what occurred. Leela request that Vanraj proceed to check Kavya. Vanraj gets stricken seeing Anupama with Kavya. Anupama ask Vanraj not to let Kavya be as she needs somebody. Vanraj apologize to Anupama. There, Samar uncover to Nandini about Kavya. Opposite side, Anupama uphold Vanraj. Vanraj ask Anupama for what valid reason she is so acceptable.

He adds due to her decency he feel nearly nothing. Kavya awakens embraces Vanraj. Anupama leave the room. Read More….