. Anu clarifies formula. Kinjal says its simple. Anu says when they need to work, its simple or, more than likely in any event, planning tea is troublesome. Rakhi strolls in. Kinjal leaves. Rakhi praises Anu that she crushed disease and says she will have less obligations at her mom’s place while Kinjal needs to deal with both Baa and Kavya, everybody will expect that Kinjal will satisfy Anu’s void, she is stressed for Kinjal.

Anu asks her not to stress as Kinjal is canny and Baa and Kavya’s essence will help her all things considered and following a couple of days, Nandini will join her. Rakhi says it is anything but an issue of dealing with the house, Kinjal has a profession ahead and she doesn’t need her to be stuck in kitchen like Anu, she just perceived how Kinjal was asking chutney formula.

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Anu says she was ignorant and stalled out in kitchen, however Kinjal, Kavya, and Nandini are knowledgeable and can deal with both work and house; even she will help her bahus at whatever point they need her. Rakhi says Anu can’t be available there consistently, so she will recruit a full-time house cleaner so that Kinjal’s condition shouldn’t resemble Anu’s.

Precap: Anu blessings her family pic to Adi. Anu requests that he bid her farewell like they met first. He plays bansuri while she leaves in a taxi. Kavya gets cheerful seeing just wedded tag on her taxi. Anu thinks her new excursion is beginning from here.