Kavya asks Vanraj for what valid reason he requested that peon carry documents and Samar to bring his PC rather than her, he isn’t in any event, picking his telephone and they didn’t celebrate new year’s eye, their 1 battle can’t break their 8-year-former relationship, she is truly upset for what she told and she truly cherishes him.

She embraces him, yet he doesn’t respond. She requests that he talk at any rate or, in all likelihood she will quit relaxing. Vanraj says he doesn’t have anything to talk, so she should go from here. She says it is anything but an outrage of 1 day, what is the issue. Vanraj says when they used to meet at night, they used to appreciate, however when they began remaining together, they didn’t go through a solitary night without battling, he can’t battle from hereon and doesn’t have solidarity to battle. Kavya says their battle was with the world and Anupama and they won it. She argues him to get back or, more than likely she will break and give her a last possibility, they met up after a ton of troubles and she will take great consideration of him. Kinjal reveals to Anu that her annoyance talked about her agony. Anu thinks why this relationship isn’t leaving her even subsequent to separating.

Vanraj reveals to Kavya he will conclude if to remain with her simply after he recovers.

Kavya conflicts with Anu and breaking a toy house inquires as to whether she will attempt to fix it. Anu says it will have breaks in the event that she attempts to fix it, one ought to compose another story on the off chance that they can’t eradicate old one, she has push forward and won’t look behind. Read More…..