Bapuji strolls to Vanraj and requests that he advise Kavya to escape his little girl Anupama’s home and on the off chance that he needs to do anything for his youngsters, he should take consent from Kavya or, in all likelihood Kavya will accuse Anu for Vanraj’s deeds; they needed to hold up under mortification outside out and now they can’t inside house. Vanraj apologizes Baa and hauling Kavya out requests that her sit inside vehicle. Baa leaves saying her child can’t be in harmony even in another house. Anu implores keep Vanraj upbeat in Kavya’s home in any event if not in this house. Samar and Nandini guarantee each other to proceed with their companionship and dance. Vanraj takes Kavya out says she is addressing him. She says he is yelling. He inquires as to for what reason did she go to his home and made a dramatization, he is remaining with her now, at that point for what reason is she shaky at this point. She says its his misstep that he doesn’t cause her to feel secure, for what reason did he move cash and didn’t try to educate her. He says he never took anybody’s authorization till now and can’t do that, he is a 3 youngsters’ dad and to deal with them is his duty, he will send them cash or address them and needn’t bother with her consent. She says she isn’t requesting that he take consent, he simply can illuminate, she would not like to lose him as she probably is aware Anupama isn’t guiltless like she depicts herself. He says Anu isn’t that mischievous or wise as she might suspect, she knows the amount he significant his folks and youngsters and he can’t leave them, might be later on his kids will come and remain with him, so she should be ready for that; he can’t keep up a log book of his exercises as he can either work or make a log book; he realizes she isn’t keen on his kids; he doesn’t need her to do anything for his family, yet shouldn’t meddle in his on the off chance that he is accomplishing something; his folks resemble his god and he can’t leave them for anybody at any cost, not even her.

Baa with Bapuji sitting in nursery rage that Kavya must be battling with Vanraj. Bapuji says its their concern. Samar grills vegetables. Pakhi hurries to Anu joyfully and says her list if people to attend is prepared and she will go for shopping with father for her birthday dress. Samar says he will take her for shopping. Pakhi says she needs go with daddy as usual. Bapuji says she can go with sibling. Samar says she can go with mummy in any event as she simply needs a dress. Pakhi battles with him that she will go just with dad. Baa requests that they stop their battle as of now there are battles at home. Anu allows her and says she ought to address her daddy first. Pakhi says she is going to father’s office and expectations Bestie/Kavya shouldn’t be in office as she would not like to see her face. Anu asks not to state that. Baa trusts Kavya doesn’t make any dramatization at Pakhi’s birthday and says soon Vanraj and Kavya will acknowledge contrast among gharwali and baharwali. Vanraj gets sentimental with Kavya on bed, however observing her cool reaction turns his back towards her. Kavya likewise does same.

Toward the beginning of the day, Toshu is caught up with practicing at a recreation center when Kinjal strolls to him. The two of them embrace each other genuinely and ask one another in the event that they are fine. He shows her wedding band. She chills out her hand. He inquires as to whether she is breaking their collusion on her mother’s organization. She says mother is sending her to US, she and father are attempting to persuade her since long. He says he will request that mother address her mother. She says mother will affront Anu aunt, which she doesn’t need; she needs to wear wedding band, yet in addition his name’s mangalsutra.

Vanraj re-visitations of his office and is astonished to see Pakhi. Pakhi asks how was her amazement. He says best surprisse. She asks does he know for what good reason she came. He says its her birthday and asks what is her birthday list and in the event that she need party at club house or elsewhere. She says home and educated mummy regarding her inclinations, she simply needs him to be available at home. He sits anxiously recalling Bapuji’s structure. She says its alright in the event that he doesn’t can’t come, they will party next birthday. He says its outlandish, he will bring birthday cake and presents. She cheers. Kavya gets envious seeing them. She strolls in and welcomes Pakhi. Pakhi leaves with grimacing face. Vanraj asks Kavya not to mind as she most likely is aware how youngsters seem to be; she needs to praise it at home and seeing Bapuji’s annoyance, no one but he can go. At home, Anu plans list if people to attend for party with Samar and expectations Pakhi doesn’t feel anything is left, asks Samar on the off chance that she has cash in her record to purchase dress for Pakhi. He says yes. She at that point takes a gander at Pakhi’s youth birthay pics. Bapuji joins her and the two of them celebrate their recollections. Bapuji says Vanraj used to just get back during cake cutting and even this time he will do same. Baa says he will return in any event this time. Anu trusts she makes Pakhi’s birthday a memoral occasion. Kavya thinks making dahi vada and sweet chutney isn’t party, she will set up a sumptuous gathering for Pakhi and show Anu her place. She discloses to Vanraj that Pakhi was her closest companion, so she needs to set up a gathering for her. He says as of now there is a gathering at home. She says he will orgnaize party in the early evening or night. He cheerfully embraces her. She thinks Anu is playing game by calling Vanraj in lieu of gathering, she will arrange a luxurious gathering that Vanraj and Pakhi will overlook Anu’s gathering, she will bomb Anu’s arrangement.

Anu and Baa are occupied with seeing basic food item list for party when Pakhi yells. The two of them, Bapuji, and Mamaji hurry to her. She says her birthday is in 6 hours. Baa chides that she would have given her coronary episode. Mamaji and Bapuji joke. Pakhi enthusiastically says all her birthday shopping is finished. Samar gets back with Nandini with shopping packs. Mamaji jokes that coolie looks like Samar. Samar says in the event that he was a coolie, he would have at any rate got some cash; he is lifting packs for Pakhi and she didn’t express gratitude toward her. She says its her birthday and for what reason should she. Nandini backs her. Toshu strolls in with Kinjal. Baa yells for what reason did Kinjal return. Toshu says he brought her. Kinjal says its Pakhi’s birthday. Anu demands Baa to pardon Kinjal as its not her slip-up. Baa concurs and cautions Kinjal not to bring her mom along however. Kinjal concurs. Pakhi proceeds with her fervor.

Precap: Anu and family dance on Ladki wonderful tune.. After at some point, Anu enriches cake and hangs tight for Pakhi. Kavya keeps Pakhi and Vanraj occupied and figures Anu will continue holding up as this gathering will continue for long.