The present scene begins with Vanraj and Anupama dealing with Pakhi. Anupama feed milk to Pakhi (tu jo mila) tune plays out of sight. Pakhi holds Pakhi and Vanraj’s hand and rest. Anupama also rest. Vanraj cover Anupama with quilt as well. He proceeds to remain at window.

Vanraj reviews his minutes with Pakhi. He stands mournful. Anupama come and Vanraj hold her hand. Vanraj sympathize with his agony with Anupama. He talk with her and says he used to think he is acceptable dad however he isn’t a dad as he is presently understanding that simply paying school expense and going for shopping with his youngsters he can’t be a decent dad. Vanraj adds Pakhi came to him yet in his self image to put her down he even disregarded his youngsters joy.

He acclaim Anupama for dealing with kids as well. Vanraj says in his battle with her, significant other won yet father lost. He adds he despised her a great deal yet now he detests himself significantly more. Anupama says to Vanraj it is hard for an individual to excuse oneself. She adds they can’t meet up however for the wellbeing of Pakhi they can join together. Vanraj requests that Anupama keep Pakhi with her as he can’t deal with her anymore.Vanraj requests that Anupama uphold him as he alone can’t do anything. He says she has consistently upheld Samar, Paritosh and even Pakhi.

Anupama says to Vanraj that for their family she will uphold him generally. Kavya call Vanraj. Anupama leaves the spot. Kavya gets some information about Pakhi. Vanraj says she is terrified. Kavya asks Vanraj when he is returning home. Vanraj says when Pakhi will permit. Kavya says Pakhi will request that not separation Anupama either than he will listen Pakhi as it were. Vanraj inquires as to whether she think it is actually a period for her to talk about all these. He hangs up the call. Kavya think Pakhi enthusiastic extortion dramatization worked and now she also will apply the same.In the morning, Anupama implore.

Vanraj see Anupama. Anupama says to Vanraj she simply trust new day bring new beginning for all. Vanraj uphold Anupama. Leela intrudes on the pair and lash out at Anupama and Vanraj for not ready to turn out to be acceptable Parents. She requests both to alter their perspective from offering separation to one another. Ahead, Hasmuk asks Leela not to compel Anupama and Vanraj to remain together.There, Anupama says to Vanraj; Leela is frightened accordingly she responded. Vanraj says the time has come to zero in on Pakhi.

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