Anu spoils Pakhi and says they each of the 3 are her life and she cherishes them a great deal; youngsters have option to blow up on mother, however mother doesn’t have that privilege and just can adore kids; everybody thinks Samar is her dearest, yet she is Samar’s dearest and gets her, he complies with her consistently, yet just didn’t on Shivratri day.

Kavya vapor that at whatever point she goes to Vanraj’s room, Baa and Pakhi meddle and today Anu jumped into her and Vanraj’s room; they are attempting to isolate her from V, yet she will wed V after his separation and won’t trouble regardless of whether somebody dies.Anu in subliminal state reveals to Vanraj that he adored her like Radha loves Kanhaji, yet he never cherished her.