Anupama 9 September 2020 Written Updates

Anupama 9 September 2020 Written Updates:- The episode begins with Anupama feeding each other sweets with a dance song. Kavya is jealous of Anupama, Pakhi says that she wants to upload the family’s picture on social media. Kavya would click all her family photos. And starts thinking that Manraj’s family is not complete in the middle of it, so there is no place for him in his family because they have taken my place,

Leela’s brother offers her up and says that she is crying because Jayesh is not staying with her. Leela confesses that she misses her husband.

He says he does not want to miss Paritosh’s engagement and will have to rehearse to dance as well.

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Summer thanks Nandni because she has supported her, Issera Nandini says to dance, there is no need to thank you. I have done all this for my happiness and your happiness.
He says he likes it when someone does something for his mother, so a friend calls and is about to leave, saying he can leave her and leaves.

Then you will see that Samar chases her when Anupama summers Summer when she asks Leela’s brother where Samar is, he tells that he is not the one who has left behind but he changes the point. Anupama says that today the angel is very happy.

Kavya Shah looks at the family photo and she starts burning very much. I said that she cannot be a part of the photo in charge and I am going to break my dream now, so I introduce myself to Pawan Vanraj taking them to her house Goes to the square.

Kavya’s husband comes to her house and Vanraj tells Kavya’s husband that how dare you come to our house Anupama asks him why you are talking like this with Kavya’s husband.
Anirudh says that I have come to meet Anupama. Yamraj had refused her. He says that when Manraj can tell the whole day with Kavya, then why can’t he stay with Anupama for 2 minutes. He apologizes to her. Kavya says that Anirudh is spoiling their home environment.

Kavya and her husband start fighting with each other, Anupama tells her to go away and says that they don’t fight like this in front of the other, she says that you would not know the situation of our family if I had known where I would But no, now I tell everything from where they will go, they say that angry and Kalia’s friendship is more than friendship and they tell about Kavya’s affair, Vanraj and Kavya go to the Chowk after listening to her. Similarly, today’s episode ends here.

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Anirudh also tells Anupama that Hamaraj does not deserve her, Vanraj tells Kavya that he loves her like a husband. Poetry tells her not to break her faith.

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