Anupama 8 September 2020 Written Updates

Anupama 8 September 2020 Written Updates: – In the episode Anupama, you will be shown that Rakhi gives Manraj to Kavya, Vanraj also sees her and to Kalia you feel that she does not know Anupama and Rakhi’s meeting Kavya asks them. What will he do now.

He says he will handle it. He has no need to worry. Rakhi says that he has sent his wife to talk about the alliance with his job, he says he had a flight meeting so he Anupama is going to meet him here.

In this way, Rakhi makes fun of Manraj and takes Raj’s hand in Anupama, who goes away by telling Anupama, and starts saying that Rakhi has agreed to Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding, now they just Appointment date has to be fixed, he is surprised to hear it and praises him a lot.

Kavya also bids him farewell. Anupama asks him that he should wait till his meeting is over and cannot wait to disclose the good news to his family. I start thinking that Vanraj cannot see Kavya getting hurt and But I want to tell Paritosh the good news to be happy, Kare understands what she is thinking and told them that she will handle the client alone. You go you will see that the tire of the car would be punctured That is why they have to stay there for a while.

Kinjal thanks Anupama that she has convinced Rakhi to get married and hugs Anupama. Rakhi says that she refused for her brother and has now agreed to his happiness, giving him his engagement. Tells you to think about it.

Manraj is impressed by Manraj Anupama and asks Rama how you celebrated Rakhi, what condition he has now placed.

Mama says that this time I have not placed any condition, her behavior is very different, she has agreed to the happiness of Rakhi Kinjal and Vanraj should tell this good news to Parishosh.

You will see that Kavya’s meeting gets canceled and Kavya leaves the office, that’s why his K Jainpharma asks him to join him. Vanraj also agrees that she sits with Vanraj and Kavya is Seeing everything, she gets upset.

On the other side you will see that on the other side, the stuff comes to him to help Nandini and he starts arguing with each other again, Vanraj and Anupama get angry with Kavya sitting together.

She starts thinking that how much Vanraj used to hate Mama till now, he is praising her so much that is why she does not want to come in between them. She is fine only by staying with Anupama, Paritosh praises Anupama and thinks that he calls her Why is cutting

Nandini has summer and thanks for the help. He tells her that I need her help and she shows him a message Vanraj tells Paritosh the good news that Rakhi has agreed to get married.

Her family is happy to hear Samar says that they have received Anupama’s message as to why they have done it. Samar says that the number has completed its challenge before 24 hours. Very happy to hear the praise of Mama Kaun Raj It happens but she speaks to Kavya. The episode ends here.

Anupama 9 September 2020 Written Updates

Precap: – Now the family celebrates happiness, Anirudh goes to Vanraj’s house and tells about the relationship of the ninth eyed Kavya and Manraj