In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that Kali goes to the temple and she booking her and Manraj’s wedding there and she sends the booking form to Vanraj, on the other hand you see that she is still Anupama He comes to the temple with his 25th anniversary and I make a booking there to marry once again, only then do you see that the work and the name of Manraj are also written on that form and Manraj is under it. And wrote the name of Anupama’s marriage and she also gets the receipt from the same temple. See this way that Anupama and Manraj and Kavya have different receipts from these people and Anupama comes to the temple and is very much to get married.

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It is happy that after a while you see that when Kavya goes to the house, there is Nandani and Nandini is looking for some of her peen, etc., then you see that she is looking at the pin from Kavya’s bag, then she She sees the receipt she might have booked for her and Manraj’s wedding. She sees Nandni and is shocked to see what she asks Kavya. So from a long time, she says that everything you see is true, Nandni says that I will not let this happen to Anupam Aunty, then the task says that I tried to convince you a few years ago. So you had obeyed me, you did not know the difference between right and wrong.Nandni says that she was my fool and I was not even of such age that I had an experience of age but you know that you are so much Taking a big wrong step and Anupama is messing with Auntie’s life.

Now I go and tell the truth to those people, then you see that the Indian trailing or Kavya towards Anupama’s house also tried to stop her. She does but she does not stop, but after stopping at some distance she stops and then Kavya starts explaining to Nandni that you go and tell me all this, it will be my benefit because Manraj was with me yesterday and I will still have so much on him Faith and Anupama will be left alone, then she will be happy to see sad from the mouth, Nandni starts thinking and then she starts going to tell everything to Anupama when she and he Yes, Anupama is very happy when she reaches her, then Nandni starts thinking about how happy I am to tell Anupam Aunty, then work also comes there and she says that Anupama looks very happy and because of you Its happiness will be ruined, if you don’t tell her all this, then she does not say that despite knowing everything, why are you doing this right, thus after a while Anupama sees Kavya and Nandini and She comes to call him in. Then Nandini and Kahan Gaya come in. Thus today’s episode ends.