In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Jungraj comes to the house, he narrates a lot to Anupama, only then the father of Vanraj tells him that you have no consideration for any elders and you should not forget that the house is as much as yours. The daughter-in-law is also, I do not want to speak in the middle of the husband and wife, but you should also not say that the husband also should not scold the wife and if there is anything to be said, then there is your room in it and go and say something here in front of everyone What do you mean, when his father’s father tells him all this,

He goes into his room angrily and does not even eat food and when I go to my room, he starts talking to Kavya on the way. Is that she had already kept the holder, instead of listening to Anupama a lot, then I asked Rajakanya, how do you feel now, she says that I am feeling better, you have heard so much Anupama but you I will be happy when you are ready to marry me and on hearing this Manraj disconnects the phone and goes to his room She then comes here and starts telling him again today and tells him that I did not even have you and even from your crying and he says that for 25 years I have never thought about you because of which he It is said that I did not take you to my office, you have not even a thing to talk about.