The present scene begins with Vanraj requesting that Rakhi explore new territory as it is getting dull, her remarks are exhausting. Rakhi inquires as to whether he is baffled since housewife like Anupama send him separate from notice. Vanraj going to leave and Rakhi stops him. Rakhi affect Vanraj against Anupama. She cites Anupama not to send him separate from notice yet additionally was perched on his seat in his lodge. Rakhi adds her source is solid subsequently she picked up everything.

She asks Vanraj she likewise discovered that Anupama don’t need any provision either in this manner, her case is more grounded. Rakhi says society effectively acknowledges individuals like Anupama. She says it is unsurprising that soon Anupama will toss Kavya out from the workplace as well. Rakhi says Rakhi and Vanraj’s future is dim. She grin and leaves the spot. Vanraj and Kavya stands stunned. Opposite side, Anupama meet Pakhi at school. She advise to Pakhi that she brought her number one burger. Pakhi don’t respond. Anupama advise to Pakhi  that home isn’t finished without her. Pakhi going to leave the spot. Anupama asks Pakhi how her arrangement going on. Pakhi reviews Kavya quotiing she don’t have time as Kinjal continues to give her more work. Back to the real world; Anupama asks Pakhi for what good reason she is focused. Pakhi leaves the spot saying she is fine. Anupama stresses for Pakhi.

A while later, Vanraj comes to Shah House. He blame Anupama for attempting to be acceptable record-breaking. He advise to Anupama that he brought separate from notice answer for her. Vanraj requests that Anupama read the notification. Samar takes the paper and gets sorrowful perusing the paper. Anupama requests that Samar tell, what has been written in the paper. Samar incapable to talk. Kinjal takes the paper and uncovers to all that Vanraj in the answer to separate is attempting to demonstrate Anupama intellectually shaky. She cites Vanraj has likewise referenced that Anupama gets savage and gets fit of anxiety hence, he needs to get isolated from her. Anupama and Shah’s stands stunned.

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