Anupama 3 September 2020 Written Updates


Anupama 3 September 2020 Written Updates

Anupama 3 September 2020 Written Updates:- The episode of Anupama’s Aadhaar begins with Leela’s brother and tells Sister Parasottam to go to her room, Mary and then Parasottam starts to grumble a little but nobody in the family hears tells him that someone Neither does he love her at all and no one loves him. I say that Vanraj liked him and he did a lot to become a perfect son but everything remained in vain.


Then he says that I could not understand why no one understood me and I love you very much and I am nothing without it, then Summer says that you will not worry everything will be alright Then the day after tomorrow you say that you don’t comfort me like this, nothing is going to be right and I have got everything done. Then Samar tells Kinjal that the best has reached home and I am told that whatever is in the future He will never leave you


Samar speaks about Paritosh, saying that he is a very emotional person and that he has been broken before and if she leaves him now I will be shattered. Then Leela’s brother says that it will not be good if it will happen. There Lee says that it was good that 1raj was not there, then Sanjay says that Mandal Raj should not tell anything about this matter because he does not know what he will say, so it is better that he did not tell anything. Go

Shirdila opposes her decision and says that Vanraj has every right to know about Paritosh’s mistake and we should not hide anything from him. She says that only Manraj can handle Paritosh well please. He is his brother.


Anupama thinks that instead of punishing her, she should be comforted because at that time she did not understand anything and kept shouting. Then Sanjay comes there and says that she did nothing wrong. Weaving has done the right thing and she tells him to take care of herself then apologizes to Anupama Paritosh for slapping her and says forgive me I slapped you angrily.

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Similarly, you will see that Doli gives him Leela’s BP tablet and sees Manraj there and tells him not to tell anything. Similarly, Leela’s brother says that Paritosh was very late, that’s why I get worried and Summer calls and asks if everything is fine there. Similarly, Manraj says that he is not a child who believes his words and he asks about gratification.

Summer tells Anupama that for the first time Paritosh asks if he is not entitled to get anything. They say that I am not making him sad but he is not trying to get angry and he says that if there is no solution then they should give clarification. Anupama says that this is correct, her mother says that she will talk to Mudra.

This way you will see that Leela tells Vanraj everything. Similarly, Vanraj goes to Paritosh’s room. Summer and Anupama are surprised to see sleeping pills in Paritosh’s Jai. That’s how the episode ends, everything will be shown to you in tonight’s episode.

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Precap: – In tomorrow’s episode, you will see that Honor arrives showing the bullets to Raj. Similarly, he says that he is responsible for whatever is happening and gives the last chance to fix everything.

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