Kavya discloses to Vanraj that she was never offended the manner in which she was offended today. Vanraj asks what he can do. She demands to answer to Anupama’s separation notice as it is anything but a news paper to peruse and keep it aside, Anu has tested him. Anu illuminates Samar that Vanraj yelled at her and offended her in office. Samar responds. Anu says it was her misstep, she ought to have quieted down when he yelled her years back; she kept quiet due to sanskars, harmony at home, and patni dharm; at that point she persuaded adjusted to be quiet and Vanraj yelling at her; during wedding pheras, spouse does pheras in front for 3 pheras adn then during fourth pheras husband comes front and wife goes behind and afterward never comes in front; wife keeps voice low and stands behind; she supports herself when husband blows up and never talk

in high tone with her significant other; her quiet’s age stretches than her life; she figured out how to answer yet after her relationship finished. Samar requests that not censure herself for her childhood as she was instructed that to be quiet and anybody would feel that quietly crying enduring spouse’s hogwash is significance. Anu says his mom figured out how to support herself yet that doesn’t mean she will push somebody down, even she would not like to push him down and needs division in court calmly with no drama.Kavya incites Vanraj that she offended him in office and even in separation notice saying she needn’t bother with any divorce settlement from her, she is indicating her significance even here and she is debilitated. Vanraj thinks back Anu’s comparative words and says he needs to firmly answer her.

Baa alarms seeing staple bill. Anu offers her tea. Baa inquires as to whether she saw the bill. Anu says truly, costs have expanded, however by god’s elegance she, Toshu, and Kinjal are acquiring now. Baa says that doesn’t mean they will fly 2000 rs notes and inquires as to whether she brought chocolate corn pieces for Pakhi. Anu says yes she will take care of her once she gets back sometime in the future. Mamaji with Bapuji strolls in asking Samar when will he instruct him hip jump dance. Kinjal gets back. Baa shouts what did she do on her work’s first day. Anu offers her water and asks how could her be first day. Kinjal says great. Baa inquires as to whether maide ki katori Kavya said something to her. Kinjal says Kavya is likewise working under same venture. Samar inquires as to whether Kavya will work under her. She gestures yes. Baa moves hearing that in bliss. Toshu returns. Anu offers him water and asks how was his first day. He says great, mother has given him duty to open Dave Coaching Centers in Mumbai. Samar inquires as to whether he will go to Mumbai. Toshu says truly, he can’t work staying here. Kinjal takes a gander at him.

Kavya acquaints Vanraj with Ahemedabad’s best separation legal counselor Rohit Sethi. Vanraj says he had quite recently caught wind of him and today met. Rohit says individuals wouldn’t care to meet him because of his calling. Back at home, Baa inquires as to whether he will disappear from them. Toshu says not yet, still its an arranging stage. Baa inquires as to whether she won’t feel awful if her child disappears. Anu says she will, however won’t stop him as she needs her children to fly high, she will feel awful if Toshu goes out and will feel all the more terrible if Toshu’s fantasies are not satisfied.

Baa inquires as to whether he needs to take nagin Rakhi’s assistance for that. Anu says much the same as she is essential to Kinjal, Rakhi is imperative to Toshu. Baa hollers what sort of a lady she will be, she couldn’t care less in the event that somebody ventures out from home. Rohit discloses to Vanraj that Kavya informed him about his separation case. Vanraj shows him Anu’s sent notification. Rohit says he previously read it and inquires as to whether he truly needs to separate from his better half. Vanraj thinks back all the episodes.

Kavya says he needs to accept separate as there is not much. Vanraj says he would not like to as there is a ton left between them, their 25-year-old recollections and youngsters, he can be irate on her yet can’t leave her. Rohit asks again in the event that he truly needs separate from his wife.Samar strolls to Anu and inquires as to whether she will deal with if Toshu disappears. She gestures yes. He inquires as to whether he goes. She turns crying. He says she is crying hearing that and even he is crying.

She says when kids go, they need to take off from the house, a piece of mother’s heart disappears on the off chance that they go, however her entire heart will disappear on the off chance that he goes, she needs him to push forward and prevail throughout everyday life, except in the event that he goes she will feel as though her life is going; she won’t stop him however as Bapuji says there is distinctive among affection and fixation, one that is free is love and holding strongly is captivation. He embraces her genuinely and says Anupama I disdain tears re.