Anupama 02 September 2020 Written Update


At the beginning of the episode Anupam episode to the epic and speaks from the web that there are some people who take advantage of our trust 1raj meant that not every friend is like us and doli always She has been joking that Manraj looks so beautiful that every girl in the office wants to see her. I tell her that someday you will inform me. You will inform me. I’m sure you’ll never say you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay

Then Samar comes there and says that Parsottam is all right he is with Kinjal and asks Kavya to explain to Anupama and Kavya understands Anupama with love that she understands with love that That he should not worry then Kunal and Parsottam argue with each other she asks him to talk to Anupama she says I have full confidence in her about it and don’t talk about her and she speaks Says i can’t go at night i’m afraid i ask and i am asking and i ask and i say if you have a problem you tell me we will solve it you know i am That I love you so much I mean if I lost you my whole life would be over

Then Kinjal speaks quickly she does something quickly she is leaving but she asks to listen to her then Anupam says that when the children were young it was very easy to handle them now they do a lot of things that I don’t understand Kavya She says that I have never seen any mother like you. You are the best and all the children like mother like you. They like and consider themselves lucky and then Anupama considers her lucky. Asks to sit, asks to sit or thanks him and leaves to fetch water and then Kavya sees Sanjay at the door


Sanjay stands in the doorway, gets very angry, then Manraj calls him and says that I will leave. I had an impressive meeting. She leaves. Anand Raj says I’m sorry I came home early then I yell at her and Wonder today asks what happened and asks her to sit down but she angrily says what are we doing and why What she asks is if you have said something then she says no she trusts me

In the same way she will say that I cannot break her trust that is why she feels guilty and she says that I do not know that the feast of this relationship is on her, Anupama considers me her friend and trusts me completely. So we can’t do that.

That is why Sanjay will say that Kavya comes to our house often. Anupama says that she comes to work for Manraj. He says that you never got up, that is why while answering this, he says that there is family and trust here, then there is no place to eat there. Kills in That’s why Manjar says we love each other so much Mara can’t break off If you don’t love me we can end it Anupama is my wife but I don’t love her I love you Do. I love you Kavya very much. I can’t break his trust. Anupama should thank me that she sent my grandmother. She is very good but not for me. I feel very guilty with him.


Kavya says I love you so much and they hug each other he says don’t do it again after this. Ba tells Anupama that you should try to save your house. Anupama says that her children do not trust their parents, she says that I hate my mother. In the same way time comes there then summer comes and says why Paritosh did not go to the coaching class today Anupama and then he gets a call from Kinjal Kinjal says that I have no information about Paritosh Paritosh’s friends But he is not at anyone’s house and everyone gets worried and this is where the episode ends

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