Samar declares Toshu and Kinjal/husband to be and lady of the hour’s entrance. Everybody applaud them. They stroll in truly with Anu and Vanraj. Kinjal gets some information about Pramod. Rakhi says he had significant gathering with worldwide financial specialists.

She says its alright as Baa and Bapuji will play out her kanyadan. Bapuji says she is correct, leaving Rakhi desirous. Panditji requests that lady of the hour and lucky man trade festoons. The two of them irately taking a gander at one another attempt to trade festoons when Anu stops them and let us stop it as there is no utilization of wedding.

Family appreciates Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding customs. Rakhi thinks shortly there will be a fire which will more grounded than havan fire. Panditji requests that lucky man’s folks hold lady and husband to be’s hand. Kavya strolls in and clasps hands with Anu and Vanraj and says she needed to visit her beau’s child’s wedding, leaving everybody furious.