Namrata asks Shobhit for what valid reason he concur for marriage. She questions Shobhit’s wedding with Gunn. Shobhit says Rajvi bring Gunn’s collusion for him and he consent to wed her. There, Mohan plots against Nandini. He educates Bansuri and Nandini that Rakla is wanting to uncover about his issue to Shobhit. Mohan and Gunn thinks post hearing Rakla’s arrangement, Nandini will doubtlessly go to meet him and he will capture her. Gunn gets cheerful. Nandini turns the table around by saying Gunn herself will uncover to Shobhit about her issue with Rakla. Gunn and Mohan’s arrangement misfires.

A short time later, Namrata makes a show and asks Rawal’s for what valid reason she isn’t in any family picture. Vipul requests that Namrata quit making dramatization as they won’t disregard her untruth. Nandini accompanies Gunn and illuminates Rawal’s that last needs to talk something with Shobhit. Parul sends Gunn to Shobhit.

Here, Nandini uncovers to Vipul that Naveen wishes to have a wedding from his town. Vipul denies and says they needs an amazing wedding. Besides, Gunn gets Shobhit with the blessing Charmi took from her. She breaks the show-stopper a lot shockingly.

Precap: Gunn and Mohan plans against Nandini. Shobhit over hears Gunn’s discussion. Read more…….